Uses & Benefits

When people ask us what we do, we tell them: we animate logos.  Then, half the people go “that’s brilliant – animate mine, please!” and the other half go “… What? Why? Why would I need that?”

Well, it’s a good question, really.  So here are some good uses for an animated logo:

1. Use it on your website

As well as giving visitors a nice welcome, it also actually helps your Google ranking. Yep, it’s true. Video has been proven to boost your SEO if you upload it to YouTube and embed it on your site. So you will look snazzy and fly up the charts while you’re at it.
Video boosts your Google rankings

2. Brand your videos and Youtube channel

If you prefix every video you do with your own animated logo, it gives a professional feel and continuity to your videos and reinforces your branding. In other words, you’ll look posh and people are more likely to remember you. They also work well with apps.
Brand your YouTube channel with your animated logo.

3. Liven up presentations

About to present to a roomful of people in a stuffy conference centre? Start your presentation with your ten-second ident and floor them before you’ve even begun speaking.
Use your animated logo to liven up your presentations.

4. Show it off on your phone or tablet

That’s right, you have an animated logo and your neighbour hasn’t. It’s only 10 seconds long, so just ‘accidentally’ click on it when showing someone something else… “Oh dear, my animated logo just came up…how did that…so embarrassing…yes, it does make me look superb, I agree.”
Show of your animated logo on your phone or tablet.

5. Exhibit on screens

Animated logos work great on screens at trade shows and events. Or, if you happen to have TV screens in the public-facing section of your workplace (reception, waiting room etc) then there’s no reason not to flash up your animated logo every now and then.
Display your animated logo on your workplace screens.

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