Our Process

Get in touch

Show us your logo and tell us about your brand, your business, your customers and market. We’ll come up with some ideas and describe them to you and give you price options.

If you would like to go ahead, we send you a project brief and invoice you for a deposit.

Storyboard concepts

We will storyboard the concept you chose, using Toon Boom Storyboard.

Then you review it and ask for any changes you would like made before we begin animating.

Our process: storyboard

Motion graphics

Once you’re happy with the concept and storyboard, we prepare your logo for animation. We can work with your original logo design files or a small web quality JPEG.

The prepped logo is then brought to life in Adobe After Effects following the storyboards.

You get 2 rounds of revision opportunities to the animated logo before we add the final touches – sound!

Our process: motion graphics

Sound effects

We’ll create a bespoke and memorable jingle or sound effect to accompany your animated logo.

Our process: sound effects

Your animated logo

Once completed you will have one more revision opportunity to ensure you are completely happy.

Then we’ll send you your finished animated logo in whatever file formats you need.

Usually we send it as an HD 1080p h.264 MPEG4 and HD 1080p WMV. The MPEG4 is great for uploading to You Tube, burning to DVDs, use in video editing software and converting to other formats. The WMV is good for  embedding in PC Power point presentations and playing on PCs.

Get in touch

Get in touch if you want to know more. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to order an animated logo, you can do so from our Prices & Order page.

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